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Testimonials from Clients around the World!

"For over 30 years, Abitibi Geophysics has been reliably pinpointing drilling targets for Junior, Producer and their consulting geologists and geophysicists using the most innovative technology developed in our on-site laboratory and in partnership with some of the top minds around the world. Our ground and borehole geophysics work has provided clients with the impetus to help encourage investment in projects with a relative safety and assurance of providing more reliable drilling targets. By achieving such a high level of proficiency in our geophysics reports, we've removed uncertainty from drilling projects - allowing clients to better pinpoint accurate drilling programs, lowering costs and investor risk simultaneously.

Abitibi Geophysics has successfully detected drilling targets for all types of mineralization the world over - including nickel, uranium, copper, zinc, gold, silver, diamonds and graphite - often in areas where previous surveys had revealed little hope of detecting present mineralization. This often leads to higher investor confidence in your projects. Highly skilled and experienced geophysics specialists combined with our proprietary equipment deliver outstanding results, interpreted in a simple - yet detailed manner.




Lower the risk for your next project.  Utilize our innovative surveys to investigate deeper without an increase of budget vs conventional survey techniques.  For a detailed discussion on our methodologies, modeling and interpretation or just how we lead the business in terms of accurately pinpointing drilling targets and an overall ease of interpreting your findings - we invite you to browse these helpful pages - email or for a no-charge consultation for your latest project, call us at 1-819-874-8800."



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